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Millennium Bowl

Back in early October the Royal Northern and Clyde Yacht Club welcomed teams from the Royal Thames Yacht Club in London and the Royal St George Yacht Club in Dublin to take part in 3 boat team racing in the club's/member's Sonars.

There were two days of great racing with windy conditions on the Saturday leading to non-spinnaker races being held.

The Royal Northern and Clyde Yacht Club came out on top winning the Millennium Bowl with 5 wins. We also completed a clean sweep in picking the Clark Neill Trophy and Teacher Trophy for wins against the Royal Thames and Royal St George respectfully.

Saturday evening saw a great social gathering and dinner in the club. Along with the, now compulsory, after dinners games!! I am not sure who won the shoe golf, wheel-barrow race or pop quiz but they were great fun.

Photos - Neill Ross


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