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Carmela Cup

The weekend of the 13th and 14th of April was a noteworthy occasion for yacht racing enthusiasts, as the Royal Thames Yacht Club played host to the esteemed Carmela Cup. This premier event is lauded for its 2 vs 2 team racing format, and it showcased the club’s brand-new fleet of Sonars. Representing the Royal Northern &

Clyde Yacht Club (RNCYC) were Ali Mo and Hamish Taylor at the helm, leading a capable crew consisting of Alasdair Ireland (C), Keelin Greene, Griogair Macfarlane, Trap, Eilidh Millar, and Rory Dowdeswell.

On Saturday, the competitors were greeted with warm, sunny conditions and a steady breeze of 15 knots. The RNCYC team took a few races to acclimate to the challenging conditions but quickly found their stride, clinching three races and securing second place in the Silver fleet as the day concluded.

Sunday's races were graced with excellent team racing conditions, with gentle 8-knot winds and uninterrupted sunshine. The RNCYC crew continued their impressive performance, winning three out of four races, which solidified their second-place standing in the Silver fleet and an admirable 8th overall.

The Carmela Cup serves as one of several preparatory events for RNCYC in a significant year where the club has the honour of hosting the Commodores' International Cup against Seawanhaka Yacht Club.

The forthcoming event on the RNCYC’s bustling calendar is the onset of the Random Pairs Team Racing season, beginning on the 27th of April. The season promises to unfold over four one-day events throughout the year. Teams comprising four sailors are invited to register their entry for this exciting series.


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