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The clubhouse reflects the Club's long and distinguished history.


Paintings, photographs of yachts and artefacts can be seen in the public rooms named after yachts important to the Club's history.


Many items were donated by Club members or visitors to regattas. 


Of particular historical significance is the collection of over 80 ship models, most of which are displayed in the public rooms of the clubhouse.


Many are from the 19th century and include famous yachts designed by G.L. Watson, William Fife(s) and Alfred Mylne.


Most have an interesting story behind them. Also, they chart the stages of hull development from the mid-19th century onward.

The Club archives go back almost 200 years and form an important record of yachting on the Clyde from early stages to the present day.


Our archive includes:

  • Club membership and yacht listings (back to 1824)

  • Publications and records of regattas

  • News reports of racing, events and members

  • Minutes of committee meetings

  • Image library of yachts and past members

  • Log books of yachts including one of the voyage of Thistle across the Atlantic to compete in the America's Cup

  • Yachting periodicals and books

  • Artefacts relevant to Club activities

If you have any questions about our Club history, please contact

Distinguishing flags of yacht owners added colour to regattas well into the 20th century   

The early regatta programs were almost works of art


Half-hull model of America's Cup yacht Thistle - donated to the Club by G.L. Watson

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