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8mR World Cup

Welcome to 8mR World Cup

The Clyde has been intimately involved with metre class racing since the early days and it was very fitting that the centenary of the metre rule was celebrated here in 2007. It is equally fitting that you should return to help us celebrate another major anniversary. In 2024 the RNCYC will be 200 years old and the MYC a slightly more youthful 150. Three hundred and fifty years of sailing history takes some beating, and we are looking forward to a big year here on the Clyde.

Its early days but it is never too soon to start planning. The World Cup will take place from 18th to 24th August 2024 and we very much hope you will enter your boat and get the date firmly into your diary.

We are planning an exciting week of racing on the Upper Clyde and an entertaining social programme based at the fabulously historic club house of the Royal Northern and Clyde Yacht Club.


On The Water

An exciting week of professional racing in store. All racing information can be accessed via the Official Notice Board



We aim to make the transport, launching and storage of your yacht as simple as possible. Detailed information about the Logistics Process is available or contact our Logistics 'Champion'.


Detailed information about accommodation available in the local Rhu / Helensburgh area and further afield is available or contact our Accommodation 'Champion' for further assistance.



Get ready to enjoy the best of Scottish Hospitality




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