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Announcing the

North U Match Racing Clinic 

prior to the 2018 World Sailing Blind Match Racing World Championship

Clinic dates: 28-30 August 2018


Location: Royal Northern and Clyde Yacht Club, Rhu, Scotland

Coach: Liz Baylis, former Women’s Match Racing World Champion, current chair World Sailing Match Racing Sub-Committee, Executive Director – Women’s Match Racing Association

Supported by: NorthU

Clinic content: The clinic will be a combination of lectures, on land exercises and on the water drills covering a range of topics geared towards improving match racing skills for beginning and advanced match racers including boatspeed, boathandling, match race starting fundamentals and tactics, upwind and downwind tactics, and rules.

Cost: £150 / team for 3 days

For more information on logistics about the Clinic or to sign up, contact:

Name: Craig Macdonald


If you have any questions / issues / etc. about the content of the clinic, please do not hesitate to email Liz Baylis at

Prior to the clinic: All sailors who want to learn more about match racing should study the free DVD Dave Perry (5-time US Match Racing Champion and world-class match racing coach) put together called Welcome to Match Racing. One can listen to the audio and learn a tremendous amount about how match racing works. He goes through the tactics of the Prestart, the Upwind and Downwind legs, and how the Penalty System works. It is located, for free, on the bottom of the US Sailing Match Racing page at:

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