Gareloch OD Race Report 16th June 2019

Gareloch numbers were reduced due to some of the class participating in the German Classic yacht regatta in the Baltic. Those remaining were greeted by near perfect weather and I little judicious crew negotiations meant that Thia was persuaded to leave the gardening for another day and come out. A broadly westerly wind resulted in a start towards Silvers using the"Boinard" north-south start line. After a reasonable start, Captain Michaelis, a moored yacht acted as an obstruction, Dione chose to go below and stay out of the tide, Thalia chose to cross the loch. At the first mark, it was clear that due cognisance of the tide paid. The long run up to mark F at Shandon gave time for some spinnaker training, complicated by an RN patrol boat that appeared to be trying not to impede us, but failed miserably. Across to the C mark at Clynder saw Hermes get the better of the leg but not enough to catch Dione. The wind became more variable on the Clynder side with some force to the gusts but also variability in direction. What looked to be a spinnaker leg to complete the first round, wasn't. Time for a second round, Hermes managed to overtake Thalia to Silvers, a reluctance to hoist the spinnaker saw Thalia regain second on the leg to Clynder. The Gareloch porpoises were around to add interest to the finish with a bit more spinnaker training for Dione. Results: Dione, Thalia, Hermes, Thia.

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