Gareloch OD Report 24 Sep 19

The very last race of the season for the old ladies, born in 1925. It was a stiff breeze off the Shandon shore. On the water race officer Peter Proctor selected a course beginning downwind to D, north of Clynder. Catriona with Michael Lapsley on the helm made a leisurely start but Spinnaker work better than the rest put Catriona in contention with Halcyone early on. Thalia following. Halcyone was first to D but made a wide rounding and let Catriona inside. She dropped into wind shadow and was obliged to tack away. Catriona found better wind on the beat towards the Shandon shore and that was that. 1 Catriona, 2 Halcyone, 3 Thalia

Gareloch OD Report 22 Sep 19

The last of the Sunday afternoon races this year. Heavy rain in the morning did not engender enthusiasm but it was dry with good wind (if gusty) for the race. New to the Class Michael Lapsley and Louise Corry sailed on Catriona. With wind blowing from the Shandon shore, a start to windward was not possible. The C mark at the north end of Clynder was judged to be downwind so that is where we went. There was time for two rounds. Catriona just managed to reach C first, from Dione and Halcyone, avoiding anyone having an inside overlap. She was passed by Dione in the changeable air towards the starting area and followed to C the second time. The order changed as the two made their way to the

Gareloch OD Report 17 Sep 19

On the water Race Officer Shane Rankin sent us on one of the shorter courses up and down the Shandon shore. There was an instruction to finish after one round. It seemed a short race but as we made our way back to the moorings, wind lightened so that a second round might have put us into the twilight. The starting line was square to the wind, being fixed that is unusual. Tide was against us for the windward leg so that a decision was required. Start at the outer end, in stronger adverse tide with the hope of more wind or start inshore in less tide and wind. Catriona and Halcyone opted for the shore, the rest for the outer end. The shore paid and the two benefitted from an initial lift

Gareloch OD Report 15 Sep 19

The days are running out for this season, so when the message came saying that Teal's crew Ufo was down with cold/flu, I was resigned to gardening with a heavy heart. I nonetheless resolved to pop along and pump out Teal (which was as well since she was full to the deck floor after last week's rain). The heart became heavier still forlornly contemplating a good breeze and sunshine.... ...but then I spotted that Thalia was sailing three-up! After a request to pinch a crew member was kindly accepted, Teal was going to race after all with Wendy aboard (Mother of Rear Commodore Sailing - unsure if this is a formal position like the Queen Mother?). Teal rigged sharpish. Thalia was RO and selected

Ancient Mariner Race 2 - Tue 10 Sep 19

The second of the Ancient Mariner series was greeted by a wet evening but with wind, and a forecast of more to come, something of a change from recent weeks. 6 boats ventured out and course L5 up and down the Shandon shore was selected with Catriona as on the water race officer. It soon became apparent that the wind, and more especially the tide was not uniform across the Loch. A tidy start with Catriona a few seconds early and having to bear away down the line allowed Dione and Halcyone to make the best of it. The decision was then inshore for least-bad tide or offshore for the best wind; Dione, Thia & Hermes went inshore, Halcyone, Luna and Catriona (after a foray inshore) went out. I

Gareloch OD Race Report, 3rd September

The first of the Ancient Mariner Series, named after Douglas Young, whose nickname that was. He owned the Gareloch Galatea when he passed on. We start an hour earlier, on account of the darker evenings. On the water Race Officer Shane Rankin selected one of the shorter courses to B, off Silvers and back. Wind lightened towards the start with the result that Carol Rowe, on the helm of Catriona, got away unchallenged. The rest held back too much. The fleet set off down the Shandon shore with Dione, a little further out than Catriona, making ground to take first place. When Catriona tacked out on port, she was obliged to duck. That was the last of the competition for Catriona, however.

Gareloch Team Racing, 30th August and 1st September

The Gareloch class was host to visitors from the Howth 17 Footers (the oldest one design keelboat) and the Freundeskreis Klassische Yachten. The plan was for nine races so that each team raced each other team three times. Saturday morning started with a brisk wind in the Clyde so that Race Officer Jean Mackay, aboard Jim Findlay’s Full Circle, moved racing from the East patch (off Helensburgh pier) to the more sheltered Gareloch. Conditions were benign as our two visiting teams left the moorings for the first race. Soon after the start a wind from the north funnelled down the loch with a strength far too great for meaningful team racing. At the end of the first round, Jean finished the

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