Gareloch OD Race Report 27th August 19

The last of the normal Tuesday evening races although the Garelochs carry on through September with an earlier start. Weather was very pleasant in the context of gardening but not conducive to a memorable race. Race Officer Peter Proctor was very patient and waited for enough movement of air to send us on the shortest course to the club and back. With tide more prominent than wind, both Catriona and Halcyone hit the starting mark. Luna took advantage. Thia was late, having tarried too long on her mooring thinking there would be no race. 1 Catriona, 2 Luna, 3 Halcyone, 4 Thia.

Gareloch OD Race Report 13th August 19

A delightfully sunny evening with steady wind. Race officer Barrie Choules took advantage and set one of the longer courses with a windward leg to the northernmost mark on the Clynder shore. Athene, who was at the bottom of the order in the weekend’s championship, had just been lifted out for a routine survey. She had barnacles and, in the gap between the keel and rudder, mussels. Her skipper John Blackie took the helm of Catriona for the evening. At the start, Catriona found herself pinned below Thia. Not wishing to remain there, she bore away sharply so as to be able to tack away behind. With the urgency of her initial approach to the line now lost, she later crossed behind Hermes and

Gareloch OD Race Report 4th August 19

On the water Race Officer Barrie Choules selected one of the longer courses, zig-zagging across the loch. A good wind blowing from the Shandon shore meant a start with spinnakers. Catriona got away well with Thalia and Halcyone close by. Dione’s start was less than ideal, her skipper’s excuse was that he was distracted by being Race Officer. Anyway, he took a flyer, going early towards the Clynder shore. As is usually the case, it might have paid but it didn’t. Just after D, the first rounding mark, it began to rain. Water bouncing off the surface of the loch. That dampened both wind and crews. As it eased, wind filled in from behind and brought Thalia, Halcyone and Dione up to the l

Gareloch OD Race Report 30 July 2019

There was next to no wind as we stood in the car park. The Sonar sailors went home. There was sufficient enthusiasm in the Garelochs to go out to the boats and trouble Race Officer Neil Isaacs. He set the shortest course, to A, off the club and back. We sailed one round, after which there was a good wind to take us home. The finishing order depended on effectiveness in responding to large changes of direction in the currents of air. 1 Catriona, 2 Thalia, 3 Hermes, 4 Luna.

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