Gareloch OD Race Report 25th June 2019

An evening of light air. There was not enough to tempt the Sonars. Race Officer Michael Knox waited a little before setting the shortest course to A, off the club, and back. Catriona had trouble rigging and was very late at the start. Usually, that would have resulted in a convincing last place but this evening the light and variable air caught some. Halcyone started convincingly from Thalia and benefitted from better wind out in the loch. Luna and Hermes suffered inshore. After the leaders had reached A, there was always a breeze but always still patches. On the second round, Thalia had the lead offwind towards the starting area. She dropped her spinnaker when the wind came forward an

Gareloch OD Race Report 16th June 2019

Gareloch numbers were reduced due to some of the class participating in the German Classic yacht regatta in the Baltic. Those remaining were greeted by near perfect weather and I little judicious crew negotiations meant that Thia was persuaded to leave the gardening for another day and come out. A broadly westerly wind resulted in a start towards Silvers using the"Boinard" north-south start line. After a reasonable start, Captain Michaelis, a moored yacht acted as an obstruction, Dione chose to go below and stay out of the tide, Thalia chose to cross the loch. At the first mark, it was clear that due cognisance of the tide paid. The long run up to mark F at Shandon gave time for some spinna

Gareloch OD Race Report 11th June 2019

Race officer Stewart Gibb took advantage of a steady breeze, at least by the standards of the Gareloch, to send us on a course zig-zagging across the loch. The shore end of the starting line was well to windward but pressure was lighter and more variable there. Catriona went for it and immediately Teal, who saw the danger, took the lead. Halcyone was the other strong starter. The second leg, back across the loch from Clynder, appeared to be a fetch but tacking was needed in the end. Teal got to windward to start with so that Catriona suffered in wind shadow. Halcyone climbed well and got the better of poor defensive manoeuvring by Catriona. Spinnakers next, to B, off Silvers. Teal now

Gareloch OD Race Report 9th June 2019

In good breeze, on the water Race Officer Iain MacGillivray was able to choose one of the longer courses. It began with a leg to windward to B, off Silvers. The two usual starting lines, from buoys Y or Z to a mast on the shore, are heavily biassed when wind is from the west. On an earlier occasion, the then Race Officer Eric Boinard resolved this by specifying a starting line between the two buoys. Iain used the Boinard start this day. Eric, owner of Zephyrus, has been very ill. He is making good progress and the Class looks forward to seeing him on his eponymous starting line soon. Even with a Boinard start, the line was not truly square to the wind. Teal read it wrong and started at

Gareloch OD Race Report 8th June 2019

A contingent of four Garelochs took part in the Mudhook Regatta, held on the east patch in the river. The committee struggled with lack of wind to start with and moved further west than the usual east patch sailing area to find a decent breeze which improved over the day. The races for the Gareloch Class belonged to Dione. No one could touch her on the water. She was first in the first two races and well ahead in the last. Only to find she, along with Catriona, had not noticed a change of course and had missed a mark. Notwithstanding the retirement, she was the class winner. Hermes and Athene fought with each other. Hermes finishing ahead of Athene in two of the three races. 1 Dione,

Gareloch OD 1st & 2nd June 2019

The Gareloch Class went to the Royal Mersey Yacht Club at Rock Ferry to race in Mersey Mylnes. The pier from which we went out to the boats is a listed structure and was used by a long gone ferry across the Mersey. It was a very special party because our hosts celebrate their 175th anniversary this year. The tide dominates racing here. We think of up or down referring to the direction of wind. The locals use the term to refer to tide. Wind was light but much better than forecast. The course along the west shore kept us away from the commercial vessels in the river and from strongest tide. We had three team races. Our best performance was in the first, when our own Barrie Choules took

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