Gareloch OD Race Report 19th May 2019

There was enough air for us to ghost to the starting area, decide there was insufficient to race and then ghost back. It was the same for the Classic Regatta at Gourock on the previous Saturday.

Gareloch OD Race Report 14th May 2019

There was a good breeze in the afternoon. There was a good breeze as we left the moorings. As we arrived at the starting area, the Gareloch became increasingly smooth. Race Officer Julian Forrester set one of the shortest courses, to H (off the shop in Clynder) and back. Hermes and Catriona were in danger of being left near to the shore. Catriona paddled furiously before the preparatory signal to get closer to the favoured pin end of the line. Hermes didn’t and suffered. Boats starting from out in the loch on port tack had the benefit of momentum. Dione got the best of that argument and blanketed others. All of whom blanketed Catriona. Teal made an outrageously good start by approachi

Gareloch OD Race Report 12th May 2019

Hatasoo basket, race 2 A lovely day with light winds, 6 Garelochs ventured to the start line with Dione taking the role of on-the-water race officer. Light south-westerly wind indicated a first mark on the far shore. Catriona was a little early to the start and in loosing speed allowed Halcyone the best start, Dione boxed somewhat behind Catriona. Luna and Hermes had good starts inshore. Getting to the B-mark meant crossing the tide by Rhu narrows. Complicated by the revised placement of the buoy further north this year. The places were revised as some got it right, Hermes benefitted by staying inshore through the moorings, others less so. Suffice to say that Dione went from

Gareloch OD Race Report 7th May 2019

There was little wind as we left the moorings so that a very short course (to the mark off the club and back) was set. Wind strengthened by the time of the start and was on the beam for both legs. The shore end of the starting line was to windward but air was lighter there and tide more favourable at the pin. Dione got her start just right, getting the better of both the boats further in and those further out. Halcyone was with her all the way but there was no opportunity to pass. Teal lost a place to Thalia after tactical luffing from Catriona and fought hard to get it back. 1 Dione, 2 Halcyone, 3 Catriona, 4 Teal, 5 Thalia, 6 Thia

Gareloch OD Race Report 5th May 2019

The first race we had this year. The first scheduled race is the last Tuesday evening of April. For that, there was rain but no wind. Today, five of the nine Garelochs afloat turned out. The breeze was blowing down the loch, creating an uncomfortable swell on the moorings. It was strong enough that carelessness could lead to water coming over the cockpit coaming. It caused Thia to retire, after a cross tree broke. A longer course was selected, beginning with a windward leg to E, near Rahane on the Clynder shore. The shore end of the starting line was favoured and Catriona misjudged things to let Teal pass to leeward and get the best start. Dione had trouble with her main sheet at a c

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