Gareloch OD Race Report 23rd Sept 18

The last of the Sunday races this year. Its not all miserable, though. We are off next weekend to the Starnberger See in Bavaria to team race against the Freundeskreis Klassische Yachten. The event is sponsored by Budweiser (not the American one) so that we are keen. Anyway, we made our way out to the boats with an element of nervousness. Firstly, it was the first time we had been out since the storm on Wednesday and there might have beed some damage. Secondly, whilst the forecast was benign, a strong wind was blowing straight down the loch and leading to an uncomfortable swell. On the Water Race Officer Iain MacGillivray set a course beginning with a true windward leg to the northernmo

Gareloch OD Race Report 18th Sept 18

Some people cannot make the earlier starts on Tuesdays in September. On this evening, Dione and Teal were absent. The on the water Race Officer set a course which should have given a couple of legs to windward. As often happens in the Gareloch, direction of wind changed after we set off which left a course characterised by fetches and reaches. There was still a challenge to get to the marks on the Clynder shore, on account of variable strength and direction of air near to the side of the loch. A couple of Royal Navy warships were very kind to us and were patient with our slow progress to and fro across the loch. 1 Catriona, 2 Halcyone, 3 Thia, 4 Athene, 5 Luna.

Gareloch OD Race Report 16th Sept 18

Gusty again as we made our way out to the boats. The effect is heightened with sails flapping on the mooring. That put off crews on Luna and Zephyrus, they missed a good race with wind moderating a little. There were five of us at the start. Iain MacGillivray sent us on the same course as the previous Sunday. Again zig zagging across the loch and giving two true windward legs. Unusually, the starting line was just about perpendicular to the wind. Catriona thought she had started well but Teal was closer to the shore and found better air on the way across the loch. When Catriona tired of the headers and tacked, she passed behind Teal. Dione got in front of Halcyone and cemented her th

Gareloch OD Race Report 11th Sept 18

11.9.18. It was a windy evening, at least to start with. A couple of crews went out to rig but thought better of it. That left Teal, Hermes and Catriona. Some of the others cannot make the earlier start in the September series, necessary on account of fading light. On the water Race officer Iain MacGillivray was able to choose a course zig zagging across the loch and giving two true windward legs. As ever with wind blowing from the Clynder shore, it was fluky on the approaches to the two windward marks. Tacking on the headers but not on those transient, heading gusts which often precede a lift was key. And a matter of some luck. Wind was kind to Catriona. 1 Catriona, 2 Teal, 3 Hermes.

Gareloch OD Race Report 9th Sept 18

Wind was gusting strongly enough to discourage some. Thia and Ceres went out to rig but did not leave their moorings. On the water Race Officer Iain MacGillivray was able to set a course zig zagging across the loch, giving two true windward legs and taking us to the northern most mark on the Clynder shore. Catriona started reasonably well at the favoured shore end of the line. Her tack to cross the line was not as snappy as it should have been so that she was only just in front of Dione. On the way across the loch, Dione had better speed and pulled ahead. Teal, a few boat lengths back, in third place. Wind blowing from the shore is often variable. Dione failed to tack on a big header wh

Britannia Rules The Worlds

A trio of blind and visually-impaired sailors from the UK has won the Blind Match Racing World Championship 2018. The Blind Match Racing Worlds – hosted for the first time in the UK by the Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club – was won by Great Britain’s Sharon Grennan, a completely blind sailor, and her visually-impaired crew: Liam Cattermole and Lucy Hodges MBE. Grennan’s GBR1 team remained undefeated in all of their 13 races over five days of close, competitive racing on the Clyde. Yesterday, the event was visited by HRH The Princess Royal - Patron of the Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club - who watched semi-final racing out on the race area and met with competitors, race officials, event org

HRH The Princess Royal Visits Day 4 of the Blind Match Racing World Championship 2018.

HRH The Princess Royal – Patron of the Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club – watched a semi-final race between GBR1 and USA before spending time talking with competitors, race officials and event volunteers at Rhu Marina. Team USA Skipper Walter T. Raineri (pictured above) said: “There were many highlights of my first trip to Scotland to compete in the 2018 Blind Match Racing World Championships. “Not only was I successful in skippering my team to the Bronze medal at the competition by winning the petit finals, but one of the most significant and memorable highlights of my trip happened off the water. I was pleasantly surprised that Her Royal Highness Princess Anne, the Patron of the Royal Nor

Gareloch OD Race Report 02 Sept 18

There was a good strength of wind and it was possible to set a course which incorporated two true windward legs. Its direction, however, was more than a little changeable. Especially near to the Clynder shore. Catriona got away well on the first windward leg to B, off Silvers. Those who had sought to stay out of the flood tide and benefit from a back eddy on the Shandon shore suffered from a lighter wind. Teal soon made her way over and from being behind, she found a streak of very good but local wind and rounded the mark first. Her lead increased as Catriona was badly headed on the approach and had to make a couple of tacks. Wind on the run to F, off Shandon Church, brought the two le

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