Gareloch OD Race Report 28th Aug 18

Race Officer Alan Yendell, conscious of lack of light and the risk of a drop in wind, set one of the shorter courses. A true windward leg to B, off Silvers, and back. As it was, there was time for two rounds. The pin end of the line was the only place to start and Teal got that spot. A gaggle of boats to leeward or behind followed her down the Shandon Shore. Catriona, who had been trapped below Zephyrus, and Athene tacked out into the loch early and prospered. Zephyrus soon came to join them. Zephyrus was ahead on the approach to the windward mark but Catriona had an inside overlap and rounded first. Downwind, these two indulged in a little match racing so that Teal, who had not been f

Gareloch OD Race Report 26th Aug 18

Wind was blowing from the Shandon Shore so that our course began with a fetch to A, off the club. Thence downwind to D north of Clynder in preparation for a windward leg home. Catriona fancied she had made a good start at the favoured shore end of the line and was comfortably leading at the A mark. As she was about to hoist a spinnaker she was hailed by Hermes, who was coming to the end of the first leg, to say that she had started prematurely. Hermes had been at the pin end of the line before the start and had a race officer’s view. It was an awfully long way back to start correctly. From then on, the order was set. Hermes did not set a spinnaker on her first round and so made no impr

Gareloch OD Race Report 19th August 18

There had been no wind all day. International Judge Nigel Vick was at the club as chief umpire for the event in the British Keelboat League and had been whiling away the time but was enthused by the thought of a race in a Gareloch. Julian Forrester was short of crew so they sailed together on Luna. To begin with, it looked as if we should be lucky to get a race. We ghosted to the starting area and on the water Race Officer Barrie Choules set a short course up and down the Shandon shore. Thia made by far the best start and set of in the zephyr which seemed to cling to the shore. Catriona caught up and tried to pass to windward, which was a mistake. During the penalty turns, Luna caught

Gareloch OD Race Report 12th August 18

It was wet and windy. Crews for six Garelochs arrived at the Club but only four left their moorings and one of them thought better of it. Lucy Forrester, who is without fear and prone to understatement, said it was exhilarating. The on the water race officer struggled to find a good course with wind off the Shandon shore. We began with a run downwind to Clynder. Zephyrus got the best start and resisted Dione and Catriona to have the favoured inside position for the mark rounding. Upwind to F, off Shandon Church was almost a fetch. It needed only a short tack on port. There was a racing mark from the Clynder shore out of position and north of F. Zephyrus and Dione were misled by it an

Garelochs at the RNCYC Regatta, 11th August

. Five Sonars and five Garelochs took part. The first start was scheduled for noon but Race officer Simon Pender, aboard David Whitham’s Evolene, could find no wind. We waited and when breeze filled in from the south west, Simon’s team already had the course laid. Thalia, with Simon Jackson on the helm, started best at the pin end of the line. Athene was next and battled hard with Thalia going to windward on the first leg. Catriona had started badly, below Athene. Dione and Hermes were behind her, at the Committee Boat end where breeze was less. Thalia led all the way round two laps. Catriona was chasing hard and had moved into second from Athene going downwind. On the windward leg

Gareloch OD Race Report 8th August 18

Ten of us turned out. Luna was in her first race since 2014 under the new ownership of Julian Forrester. We were visited by Michael Scholl and Jörg Kadgiehn of the Freundeskreis Klassische Yachten. Both accomplished helms, they took charge of Dione and Athene. The wind in the Gareloch is often unkind to Race Officers and so it was this evening to Barrie Choules. He set a course beginning with a windard leg to C, at Clynder, and zig zagging back and forth across the loch. The start for Garelochs is the third of the three classes. By that time it was not possible to sail along the starting line from the shore end to the pin. There was inevitable congestion as most tried a start on port

Gareloch OD Race Report 5th August

(Guest report from Teal) Dione volunteered to be on-the-water race officer since she was three-up and, in the continuing absence of the G mark sent us on a good long race around course H6 (ZBfcY) - the F mark being the furthest up the Shandon shore. The line was biased to the Z mark end and, with a light patch before the start, Dione, Thalia and Halycone made the best of it with Teal following close behind. Teal followed for a bit but following wasn’t going to achieve much so despite the risk of a strong incoming tide in the middle of the loch she tacked away to what appeared to be a darker windier patch and towards a distinct dark cloud which she reasoned was causing it. When she tacked bac

Five Teams from Four Nations to Compete at Blind Match Racing World Championships 2018

Sailors from Great Britain, the United States, Canada and Australia will compete to become the next Blind Match Racing World Champions in one month’s time. ​ The Blind Match Racing World Championships will be held at the Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club in Rhu near Helensburgh between 3-7 September 2018. This year will be the first time the biennial world championships have been held in the UK. Two teams from Great Britain will seek to defend the World Championship they won in 2016. The event sees the return of skippers David Brown (CAN) and Walter Raineri (USA) who took away Silver and Bronze respectively at the last match racing championships in Sheboygan in 2016. The full line-up for the

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