Gareloch OD Race Report 24th July 18

Race Officer Carol Rowe was not helped by the fickle wind of the Gareloch. There was breeze as we left the moorings but a grey cloud seemed to absorb any current of air around the start line. We waited and were rewarded by a zephyr. The only feasible course was to A, off the club, and back. A mark on the Clynder shore, which at first seemed more to windward, out of the question on account of a large, glassy area of water. As it was, wind backed so that the trip to A required tacking. Catriona got away well, chased closely by Dione. The pin end of the line was favoured and there was inevitable congestion. Teal thought to set her spinnaker early for what began as a fine reach. She was

Gareloch Championship 21st & 22nd July

The premier social and sporting event of the year. If you have a Gareloch, that is. Racing on Saturday and Sunday morning. Lift off Drinks Party hosted by Reay and Jean Mackay on Friday evening. A barbecue by Barrie and Arlene Choules on Saturday evening, when those who had done well in the sailing could relive their triumphs. The wind was kind to us, it was steady all day on Saturday and the sun shone. All ten boats which are afloat were there. Race officer Jean Mackay, aboard Tim Henderson’s Blue Iris, was able to send us on a variety of courses with the gist being a leg to windward up the Shandon Shore. Catriona got away well from a square starting line in the first. Guest crew Mark

Gareloch OD Race Report 17th July

It was an evening of light and changeable air. Race officer Peter Proctor chose one of the shorter courses (to D, north of Clynder, and back) thinking there might be time for two rounds. The pin end of the starting line was favoured. That led to congestion and some angst as many favoured a start on port tack at the pin whereas Teal reached along the line on starboard and caught some out. Dione and Catriona went for the shore end. Dione getting the better of it. Both soon realised the pin was favoured. On the windward leg, Catriona and Dione covered each other, each benefiting then suffering from the lifts and headers. Further up the loch Thalia prospered and Teal suffered a little. Halcy

Gareloch OD Race Report 15th July

Halcyone, Dione and Teal all started in a line at the biased Z Mark start. Teal tacked off to clear her air and try for better wind. Dione thought to stay out of the tide down the shore to the moorings but wasn’t getting much wind. Teal, playing some lifts, emerged well on top covering Dione and Halcyone and lead in to the A Mark. Sadly a dropped and trailing spinnaker sheet let Teal down and Dione’s slicker spinnaker launch got her past for the long run downwind up the loch. Places didn’t change after a beat to C and back to the finish at Y. 1 Dione 2 Teal 3 Thalia 4 Ceres 5 Halcyone 6 Athene

Gareloch OD Race Report 8th July 18

The Scottish summer continues and today there was wind too. It was blowing from the north west so that on the water Race Officer Barrie Choules was able to send us on a long windward leg to the E mark, near Rahane. Only Teal made a good start. She opted for the shore end of the line. A little unfavoured by the bias but avoiding inevitable congestion at the pin. The rest of us either arrived early and lost time in the turning back or were just late. Dione started to windward of Catriona but just behind. An unfavourable position out of which she was able to climb. Teal, meanwhile, was well to windward of the fleet and looked secure. Variability in strength and direction of wind did her

Gareloch OD Race Report 3rd July 18

A sunny evening of good wind although it was unkind to Stewart Gibb, the Race Officer. He was obliged to change the course so as to maintain a windward leg. Those not paying attention (half of the Gareloch fleet) did not notice. When they realised the error, their going the wrong way was irrecoverable. The first leg, downwind of necessity, was across the loch to Clynder. Dione and Teal led some to the left, Thalia, Athene and Thia looked strong on the right. Boats in the middle found a hole in the wind. Thalia led around the leeward mark and was helped by several of the pursuers arriving at the mark together. She sailed the best windward leg and did not need to worry about being blanke

Gareloch OD Race Report 1st July 18

A sunny afternoon. Wind was in short supply. The breeze forecast to arrive at 2pm was late. It filled in after we finished. On the water Race Officer Carol Rowe sent us on a course down and up the Shandon shore, beginning with a windward leg to A, off the club. Catriona thought the inner end of the start line favoured, both for bias and tide. She was wrong. Dione and Teal started at the pin end and prospered in better air. Thalia further down the line. She was never on terms with the leading two but passed Hermes shortly after the start and was never challenged by Catriona. The occasional error of spinnaker handling on Dione brought Teal closer than they would have liked but there wa

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